4 Mazabuka Cops Beaten By UPND Cadres

Police Officers Kajoba RadiosSOUTHERN Province police commissioner Goodwin Phiri says four senior police officers were on Monday beaten by Mazabuka residents protesting what they called vote stealing from the UPND by the PF.

And PF cadres on Monday ran amok, beat up UPND supporters and destroyed their property in Lusaka following the declaration of President Edgar Lungu as the winner of the August 11 general elections.

In Livingstone, police officers had to fire teargas to disperse unruly PF cadres at the Post Office and roadside bars to protect motorists and citizens on Monday night.

Meanwhile, several people have been stranded at various bus stations in Southern Province after Shalom, Mazhandu and several bus operators suspended operations to and from Lusaka.

According to Phiri, the police officers who were beaten in Mazabuka include a regional acting Superintended Luke Musole, 52 who sustained cuts on the right eye and head.

“Other officers were Constable Steven Sikazwe 36, who also had cuts on the head, Constable Jasper Chiwalo, a paramilitary officer, who also sustained a cut on the head, a crime prevention officer Boniface Njovu who sustained body pains. All were attended to at Mazabuka General Hospital and discharged,” Phiri said.

He also confirmed that several people ran amok after 16:00 hours in several towns of the province and blocked the main road and damaged vehicles.

“In Mazabuka, we had a Toyota Carina ALG 9674, belonging to Floriah Maliwe of Monze, rear screen damaged at Kaleya. House property worth K20,000 belonging to Evans Lungu, a PF member of Kabobola Compound, was damaged, a motor vehicle BAD 1141 for Evaristo Malama of Lusaka had its rear screen damaged, an unregistered vehicle belonging to a police officer Constable Malamba also had its rear screen damaged and a motor vehicle canopy screen valued at K500 for Hilary Musopela was also damaged,” Phiri said.

He added that 49 males and four female suspects had been detained in Mazabuka.

In Choma, Phiri said police recorded five cases of arson after a mob went amok when President Lungu was declared winner, setting ablaze several properties.

He said the results also sparked riots in Mazabuka, Monze, Pemba, Muzoka, Batoka and Choma.

“In Choma, 54 people have been apprehended and detained for riotous behaviour. The situation is under control though they have indicated that they will continue with the riots,” said Phiri, adding that the list of arrested riotous suspects included five in Sinazongwe, six in Maamba, four in Namwala, 26 in Monze, and three in Kazungula.

And bus operators were advised to suspend their operations along the Livingstone-Lusaka route until calm was restored after several people protested against what they called rigged elections.

In Lusaka, PF cadres ran amok, beating up UPND supporters and destroying their property.

Remmy Kalonga, a UPND supporter, was one of the victims of the PF beatings.

Kalonga sustained a broken leg around the knee area and a swollen head.

He narrated that PF cadres attacked him and his family as soon as President Lungu was declared winner of the elections.

Kalonga said he was living in fear together with his family because of the PF attacks.

“We don’t even know how we are going to survive now that the PF have won the elections. They are attacking whoever they think is UPND. We cannot even go to the market because we are living in fear. Is this how we are going to live for the next five years?” wondered Kalonga.

“This is a democratic country and anyone is free to support whoever they feel like supporting. Why should we all support one person? Why should we all support the PF?”

In Chawama, PF cadres took up major bus stations and vowed to sort out any UPND supporters.

PF cadres, clad in their party regalia were seen moving around with all sorts of offensive weapons such as metal bars, golf sticks, pangas and stones.

They also interrupted traffic at selected points and queried motorists to find out if they were carrying UPND sympathisers.

Residents talked to expressed dismay at the conduct of the PF cadres.

“President Lungu is going to put this country on fire. We are living in fear. It’s like cadres want to take people for granted. Why should we live in fear in our own country? Why is President Lungu and the PF doing this to us?” wondered one of the residents, Charles Mwewa.

Police announced yesterday that they arrested 151 UPND supporters in Southern Province alone, but there were no arrests announced of any PF cadres who destroyed people’s property.

4 Responses to "4 Mazabuka Cops Beaten By UPND Cadres"

  1. gm   August 18, 2016 at 11:46 am

    You stupid idiot mwewa.how does PRESIDENT lUNGU come in this violence.u are an empty headed cow.

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  3. nshilimubemba   August 18, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Itt is a pity that ignorant villagers can govt that far ,do they think they can win against the police ! Ignorance can be harmful, how do they know that HH votes were stolen , do they think other provinces voted for HH as they did no the opposite is true people voted for lungu more people than what southern province did for HH.
    That is the reason he lost .

  4. stockings mafuta   August 18, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Never never never should we vote one of these savages into any office. If they could do this after a loss, what about if the had won.