TB Joshua Delivers A Male Prostitute

mail prostituteJonathan was formerly trapped in a lifestyle which he abhorred but found impossible to leave. It all started when as a young boy, he went to a river to swim. That night when he slept, he dreamt and saw himself swimming in the river and having sex with other men. Unbeknown to him, the innocent act of swimming in that river led to him being possessed with an evil spirit and had initiated him into male prostitution. At nights, when the evil spirit would come, he would be forced to go to the toilet to masturbate. The evil spirit gave him affection for his fellow men and he would travel to various States across Nigeria to meet men for prostitution. He would go to different hotels as a male prostitute to meet men.
He would use the internet and register on Facebook and various internet sites to chat with men and make connections with those he would later meet with physically.

The majority of men who would patronize him were older married men and also those in his age bracket. The evil spirit controlling him would initiate these men into his evil act and make money from the prostitution business which he would invest. He began to introduce other men into the same act of male prostitution and would collect commission for it. The evil spirit caused him to talk, act and dress like a woman. His hairstyle and everything about him was just like a woman. The spirit eventually gave him the deadly HIV virus and he was tested to be HIV/AIDS – Positive 1. The evil spirit led him not only to initiate other men but infect them men with HIV.

He said he had tried stopping the business of prostitution, going to various prayer houses but all to no avail. Despite all his efforts, the evil spirit continued to lead him deeper into male prostitution to the extent that he had to run away from the community he lived in for fear of his life when the people there heard he was into the act.

Anytime he would touch the screen of Emmanuel TV, he would find himself on the floor due to the power of God. He came to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him and the evil spirit within him manifested. He was delivered from the spirit of man which had led him into male prostitution. Now after his deliverance, he no longer has feelings or affection for his fellow men and has developed a liking for women instead. He now sees himself like a man.

Reflecting on his former condition, in a moving plea, he said, “Now, I feel remorse for what the spirit has caused. I feel very sorry for what I have done, to homes that are broken, to men I had taken away from their wives – I am very sorry, it was not me”.
He advised other men who possessed the spirit of man: “Hope in God for deliverance. You may have in mind, ‘I was made this way’. You were not made this way; you were made in the image of God. Run back to God.”

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  1. Toko   June 27, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    He should deliver himself first.