Five Mumbwa Cadets Nabbed For Murder

Police in Mumbwa have arrested five cadets from Mumbwa Secondary School for allegedly murdering Chimba Mazyopa aged 21 of Chilimboyi Village in Mumbwa District.
Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says it is alleged that the deceased was in the company of his two friends coming back from town where they had gone to escort their friend Collins Hachiwala, on their way back; the five cadets confronted the three and started beating them for no apparent reason.
Mr Hamoonga says as they were being beaten, the two friends managed to escape leaving behind the deceased who was discovered dead in the morning by a passerby.
He says the suspects have been identified as Geoffrey Chola aged 18, Tyson Lungu aged 21, Kenneth Ng’imbu aged 18, Rodgers Munyenga aged 19 and Collins Mushobwe aged 21.
In a related development, Police have instituted investigations into a case of murder where a 43 year old man identified as Sezalio Ng’ombe was discovered dead 40 meters away from Mpezeni Jenda road in Chipata District in Eastern Province.
Mr. Hamoonga says the deceased sustained a suspected fractured neck, bleeding nose and had all his private parts removed.
In another development, ten Patriotic Front Cadres have been arrested for Theft and Malicious Damage to Property.
Mr. Hamoonga says facts of the matter are that on 27th June, 2016 at around 13:00 hours Police received a phone call from a concerned member of the public that a group of PF Cadres were rioting in Lusaka’s Kalundu area.
He says Officers followed up the report and found UPND Cadres complaining over the unruly behaviour by the PF Cadres, and that during the confusion, windows and a mirror of a Barber Shop were damaged and five barbing machines were stolen.
Mr. Hamoonga says the arrested Cadres were found with a Machete, Catapults and a bottle of beer.
He says the suspects have been identified as Isaac Chikangasa, Mike Siyandele, Francis Mukobeko, Rodgers Daka, Joseph Chiyemba, Warren Misele, Kayawe Kayawe, Hilary Mutola, Frason Ngoma and Wasa Kashweka.

3 Responses to "Five Mumbwa Cadets Nabbed For Murder"

  1. Arnold Police   June 29, 2016 at 8:43 am

    Mumbwa High School, will never seize causing upsets….. It is one of the most notorious schools in Zambia.
    Being a former student I was not taken aback when I heard the news because we were no any difference though with us it was more mature and issue based than these boys (Cadets). I think this is a lesson to all students when you do things against the law the disciplinary code shall be applied against you too.

    Condolences to the deceased family and may the BOYS pay the price for ending their friend’s life journey on the road.

    R.I.P young bro till we meet again.

  2. Vic   June 29, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    They must follow him too and they are so foolish.M.h.r.p.

  3. koswe   July 8, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    The blame goes to zambia army who for the past number of years has failed to train and pay allowances to its personel (p/officers).cadets need proper guidance.