Be Careful, Cheap Propaganda Will Bury You Politically

By Zambian Voice

I congratulated the PF when they filled up Heroes Stadium with over 200,000 people during their campaign launch, but the UPND objected saying that, the PF ferried people from other provinces. I was also accused of having been paid to praise them (PF).

This time around, the UPND with the bulldozer GBM, rocked Kasama politically, and I praised them, but the PF objected with the same arguments of ferrying people from other areas and of course I was accused to have been speaking from the K5,000 GBM gave me.

Today the Daily Nation has come to pour more water on the Kasama rally to dilute it by carrying a Headline that PF is not moved by the growing popularity of the UPND.

First of all I doubt I would put such a headline “PF UNMOVED BY UPND”, in The Zambian Voice Newspaper, but then again, I am nothing compared to Bamudala BaSweety Rich, who was once a lecturer at Mindolo, Chairman for MISA and a great Presidential aide of our time.

However, I find such Headlines dangerous to political players other than to the electorates. Political players (both ruling and opposition) feel good when they are told that, they have support and all is well.

One of my friends, Ribbon Banda, has even started calling me Kachema, because at times I point out the weaknesses in PF. He and many other PF members think I am UPND because of my association with GBM especially.

Anyway, if I was a politicians I would prefer people that challenge me because they make you work hard and keep yourself in check otherwise you relax and feel all is well. But this is very dangerous in the time of elections like this one.

Iron Mike Tyson knows better about the repercussions of relaxing because he would have not lost his championship to a little known James Buster Douglas who just destroyed his fame and disappeared from the boxing scene.

This brings me to the Headlines of Fred M’membe, “WHERE IS LUNGU?”. Unlike the public media, The Post Newspaper is very strategic and calculate it’s moves in the way they disseminate news. They set their agenda and pulls everyone in it.

That headline of today, must be handled very carefully otherwise, the question will be sustained because it makes sense. So don’t just brash it aside as cheap propaganda, just because it is being asked by Fred M’membe who has shown adverse towards President Lungu.

If not thwarted, we are likely to see the same headline for the next one week and the damage it will create on the Presidency and campaigns might be catastrophic looking at our background of absentee landlords of Presidents.

Unfortunately, the Public media seem to be falling in the reteaches of The Post.

Last week The Post started a story to suggest that, Chiefs are being enticed by President Lungu through the hick of their allowances.

The next day, the public media published headlines with big pictures of President Lungu with Chiefs as if to confirm the story of The Post, that yes, here is President Lungu with Chiefs enticing them.

On Sunday, The Post brought Chiefness Nkomenshya to say that, it is too late for President Lungu to entice the Chiefs, but today (Monday), the Times of Zambia brings a headline that Chiefs in Luapula supports Edgar Lungu. Really??? Is this the best way to counter?

How has the people in govt or the public media helped the Zambians to think otherwise on the increase of allowances on Chief during the time of elections when Govt has not have money?

It must be noted that, reasonable people, especially the middle class who read the Newspapers, can clearly see the political gimmicks and they would not made to vote for the ruling party by cheap propaganda.

The public media and the so called political vuvuzelas of the PF expose themselves so easily that, you can tell from afar that, this is cheap politics. This is why they lose audience, especially ZNBC, during the time of campaigns because they are so obviously one sided.

The media policies in the public media are so petty and biased such that even the journalists that write them, don’t believe them and yet the govt is happy that they are doing a good job.

The best way to do political propaganda is to set the agenda and appear to the minds of the people, this is where people like Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita are good. Ask Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC and Guy Scott how Anthony Mukwita finished them which saw him out of Daily Mail

Don’t take people like babies who will accept whatever you write as news. It is the electorates that find it hard to get money because Govt has not released payments so explain the move to increase the chiefs allowances instead of showing picture of the President with chiefs.



2 Responses to "Be Careful, Cheap Propaganda Will Bury You Politically"

  1. The HalfCast   June 14, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    Well articulated article from a reasonable and morally balanced comrade.

  2. Chilankalipa   June 15, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Iwe kapuba, tawamwene ama accident victims in Kapiri? Do you know if there is Heroes Stadium in Kapiri?