Zambian Singer Judy Speaks Out On Being A Lesbian

253980_160094544057844_5707627_nZambian Female artist Judy Melele popularly known as Judy Yo finally came out and cleared the air on rumours that have been spreading that she’s a lesbian. Snoops have confirmed to source that the musician was not happy with people who have always pointed at her and stereo-typed that she sexually falls for fellow women.

I wish to inform everyone that, my dress code can never define what my sex life is and so my hair style. Yes, I dress a tom-boy style, but people should know that I have always been dressing up like this even before I joined music. I grew up with boys and so I adopted their lifestyle. Judy Yo also told source that, even people who say that I have never talked about or showed my boy friend to the public must stop thinking that I am a lesbian and I will never be, she added.

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