UPND Press Conference: PF, Watch Out For Upnd And HH, They Are Coming!


By Chilufya Tayali

Let me start by stating a fact in very clear terms that UPND is growing. This should choke you, PF cadres but someone has to tell you this fact and ignore this fact at your on peril. In bemba we say “Uukwebele imfwa yanoko mutanshi” (I can’t translate that).

I state facts or my opinions as I see things whether you gave me something or not. This is why UPND should stop wasting their time calling me a hired gun, otherwise you could also hire me. You must be fools (using HH’s language) to fail to hire a sellout like me, if indeed I am that cheap. You think I am paid to do propaganda for PF and ECL, so why not pay me as well. I don’t do propaganda but state facts and independent opinions.

Nonetheless let us get back to business. During this time of campaigns, we have political migrations from one party to the other. At the moment only two parties are receiving defectors – PF and UPND. MMD is like another unguarded political pound due to Nevers Mumba arrogance and imaginative leadership.

I can’t talk about Edith Nawakwi and FDD because she it is more of a roving talk-show to entertain and provoke other politicians. Nawakwi could do well to join Namakau Mukelebai with her new ideas of broadcasting otherwise….kaya.

I have no clear numbers to tell who is receiving more defectors between the two parties, however, one thing is clear, we have more people joining UPND which is making is increase in numbers.

The UPND we have today, is not the same of the one we have had when HH got Presidency through the quota system sending Sikota Wina and many other members away to form LP while others joined PF.

UPND has attracted many of it’s old senior members who had left, I wonder why Given is still holding on (I guess he wants to finish selling the Maize at FRA then leave). The party has also attracted some frustrated PF members and sympathizers, undecided voters, as well as new voters especially in its strongholds.

I will not talk about the morality of defections because it is a waste of time. In Zambian politics, you are a criminal and foolish if you belong to another party but once you cross, you are an angel sent by God just like William Banda, Judge Ngoma and the most stupid white man, among others.

Even GBM who was nothing but a thug and corrupt man to UPND, is now a Veep, and don’t make a mistake (UPND) to think of putting another running mate, muzatasha (you will appreciate) who GBM is. Anyway, that is the more reason I am not in politics.

While I recognize the strides made by UPND I must caution that, “bola ni 90 minutes”. UPND has not won it yet. If UPND has to win the next elections, they have to do more to convince many undecided voters who carry the swing vote at the moment.

The numbers between the two parties are almost 50-50 (the 2015 elections testifies to that fact) but undecided voters are what will make the pendulum to swing one side, PF or UPND.

The defectors UPND is receiving so far in the name of Guy Scott, Miles Sampa, Lupando Mwape, Loose Mouth (Bashinono) and others will not make so much of a difference because they carry with them only their votes.

These so called “Big Fish” are nothing but political prostitutes who are worse than my sex-worker friends. If I were to form a political party I would not even give them a platform to give speeches. They are big liars and opportunists who don’t want to be left out of the political job galore.

I say they are worse than sex-workers, because for a sex-worker on the street, she does not pretend to love you when she is with you. A sex-worker tells you want she wants, if you agree to the price she will give you the sex and business ends there.

(Don’t ask me how I know about these things, just respect sex-workers, especially you married men who use them. And married women sympathize with your fellow women you never know you might be sharing the same man)

However, these political prostitutes they pretend to love HH and believe in UPND policies, which to me as so ambiguous. How can Guy Scott pretend to love HH today, when just a while ago, he was called the most stupid white man HH had ever seen. I guess HH was right.

For Miles Sampa, UPND would be cheating themselves to think Miles brings numbers to them because his political immaturity is all over like a bad smell for many reasonable Zambians to avoid him.

The people who followed Miles to DF will not vote for UPND because of Miles, if anything they would rather vote for PF. Yes, some DF members were there at the Press Conference but we all know how people are paid to jump on those buses, I once did it for the ungrateful and treacherous Given Lubinda so I know very well.

To cut the long story short, UPND is growing but the ballot boxes will not be filled by these political prostitutes they are calling “Big Fish”, rather go get the ordinary voters from the compounds, rural areas, the market, in the offices, etc.

Otherwise if elections are held today PF would still win but they seem to be loosing a lot of blood such that, they might need blood transfusion from fresh people.

At times it is good to loose some contaminated blood so that you get fresh blood. I will talk more on that in the next and last article on the UPND Press Conference held on 28th March which featured Guy Scott and Miles.