Most Stupid White Man Remark Never Hurt Me -Guy Scott

Vice President Dr Guy Scott bids farewell to outgoing British High Commissioner Carolyn Davidson at their residence in Lusaka on Friday night - Picture by Joseph Mwenda

Former Republican Vice President Dr Guy Scott says remarks issued by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in 2013 that he was the most stupid white man did not upset him.
And Dr Scott says he does not have a grudge against President Edgar Lungu but insisted that the PF leader ascended to the helm of the party in an irregular manner.

Dr Scott who is also PF Lusaka Central Member of Parliament said he did not consider Mr Hichilema’s remarks that he was the most stupid white man as an insult because it was part of political talk.

The former Vice President was speaking at his New Kasama residence during a wide ranging live interview with Lusaka’s 5 FM Radio.

He said he found it normal to agree to work with the UPND in a partnership with the Democratic Front because there was no blood between himself and Mr Hichilema.

“That is just the language of politics. HH never insulted me, there was nothing to that statement that I am the most stupid white man because that is how we talk in politics. If i have a thin stick, I would be bothered because people will throw tomatoes at you all the time as a politician,” he said.

He added, “Elbowing each other is part of the game. I am sorry if I called them a small tribal party because they were also insulting. It is here today, gone tomorrow, it is not like a birth mark.”

And Dr Scott said he does not hold any grudges against President Edgar Lungu saying he enjoyed a cordial working relationship when the latter served under him as Deputy Minister in his office.

He also dispelled sentiments that he ordered then Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda not to allow Mr Lungu to file in his nomination papers for the republican presidency.

Dr Scott said what he issued to Justice Chibesakunda was not an order but that he was merely reminding the Acting Chief Justice of the leadership situation in the PF at that time.

“The letter I wrote to the Chief Justice was not ordering her, it was merely warming her that there was a dispute over who was the dully elected PF President because I didn’t want a situation where two candidates arrive at the nomination centre claiming that they have been adopted and I needed to tell her that we had a problem within the PF,” Dr Scott said.

He added, “Some people in the PF were being hysterical that I would run away to the airport and go to Scotland because that is where they thought I came from. That was not true. What I wanted was for the constitution to be respected.”

“The only body that could select the candidate for the presidency is the National Convention and not the Central Committee or Members of Parliament or both, they were attempts to block this and I maintained that we needed to respect the constitution of the PF. That constitution was produced by Mr Sata with express instruction that it should not allow what happened to him during the MMD at Mulungushi Convention and FTJ drilled Sata and got a small number of NEC members into endorsement of Mwanawasa and Michael was determined not to repeat that in the PF and we had to ensure that the only body to elect a presidential candidate was the National Convention.”

Dr Scott maintained that the only election he recognises was the one which was won by Matero MP Miles Sampa.

“It is not that I have a soft spot for Sampa. He won the election fair and square and I recognise him as the person who won the elections. Edgar’s election was just a show of hands like it was U.T.T.A meeting with Nsanda and his Panga boys,” he said.

He said he blames the party Chairperson Inonge Wina for failing to provide leadership during the succession wrangles in the PF.

“I blame Inonge Wina and I think she went over her powers to allow the election to go on. As a party, we said we cannot destroy ourselves and I spoke to Miles and Bishop Banda and we managed to have them reconcile with Edgar Lungu,” he said.

The former Vice President also reiterated that he is not re-contesting his Lusaka Central seat.

“I will not run for Lusaka Central again because I will be going round the country to ensure that the DF and UPND alliance wins. I will devote my time to talking to the people across Zambia,” he said.

Asked on speculation that his wife Dr Charlotte Scott will instead contest the Lusaka Central seat, Dr Scott said the question should be posed directly to his wife.

“Ask her, phone her and ask her. She just stepped out. You cannot ask the husband, she is not my Chola girl.

He also revealed that he is in the final stages of writing his Memoirs.

“Yes I have been writing my Memoirs. I have been on a holiday for over a year remember and i have written the whole story up, from the time I met Michael through the Chiluba era and up to the time we started the PF. Time will come when I will retire because I am getting a bit old but at the moment there is no one to give advice to at the moment. I would like to sit back like Simon Zukas and KK and take a relaxed view but for now I have got work to finish. We have to remove PF out of power,” he said.

On the ongoing Maize shortage, Dr Scott said there is no way that the country could be having a maize shortage.

“There shouldn’t be a shortage, it is a pity that the Government is now commanding people to pay a certain price for mealie meal. It is only in Zambia where you have one price of maize for exports and another for local consumers. You can’t do that. Let’s learn to run proper free market otherwise the consumer suffers,” he said.

5 Responses to "Most Stupid White Man Remark Never Hurt Me -Guy Scott"

  1. Chintuchilumbamopo   April 1, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Both Guy and HH statements were correct.After a thoughtful analysis,yes Guy must be the worst stupid colonialist that wanted to imposes useless leadership on PF.The HH factor is just a minority tribal grouping in Zambia that practice regional politics.

  2. talkmore   April 2, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Scort is un old dog,its not true tht he doesn’t hate ECL,its bcoz he hates him bcoz,he wantd sampa to be president and his efforts failed bcoz God had annointed his man alred,evn this tym he ll jst wast his last energy compaining 4 HH.God ll teach him a leason he ll lest with by doing things out of hate.

  3. Tombanoko   April 3, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    Guy Tombanoko

  4. Imbushi   April 5, 2016 at 7:27 am

    The remark didn’t him because he is indeed stupid.

  5. Imbushi   April 5, 2016 at 7:35 am

    I meant to say:

    The remark didn’t hurt him because he is indeed stupid.