Chingola Taxi Driver Given 18 Years For Having Sex With A 13 Year Old Girl

The Kitwe High Court has sentenced a 35-year-old taxi driver of Chingola to 18-years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a 13-year-old girl whom he had offered a lift.
Justice Chilombo Phiri on Thursday sent to jail Leonard Mulenga of Chingola, who was facing one count of child defilement.
Particulars of the offence are that Mulenga, on February 18, 2015, had unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16.
During trial, the court heard that the victim, in the company of her friend, went to Watson Stadium to play soccer after knocking off from school.
The two then asked for a lift into town from Mulenga, who agreed, and the victim took the front seat.
Mulenga took the girls to various places until later when he parked his vehicle near the Shoprite taxi rank and sent the victim’s friend to go and buy him something.
He then drove away and parked behind a building where he defiled the girl behind his vehicle.
In her sentence, Justice Phiri said she was satisfied that there was corroboration both for the commission of the offence and the identity of the offender.
Ms Phiri said she found no failure of duty on the part of investigating officers, and that the girl was defiled behind a building.
“I am satisfied that the trial court was on firm ground when it came to the conclusion that the prosecution had proved its case beyond all reasonable doubt. I find no reason to review the conviction and it is hereby confirmed,” Justice Phiri said.
“I sentence you to 18 years imprisonment with hard labour, and if you are not happy with what I have done, you can appeal to the Supreme Court within 14 days,” she said.

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    Nebo Wandila Umwana Kwena Kukuputula Ubukala Before Tabalakwikata Ba Police.

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    35+18 walakota chikala