Schoolgirl Sues Woman For Calling Her prostitute

A Grade 10 schoolgirl has sued a married woman for calling her a prostitute.
Angela Muyombo, 16, of Chazanga told the court that on December 11, this year, she went to see her hairdresser when she met Penelope Mwale, 24, also of the same township who accused the plaintiff of having an affair with the defendant’s husband.
“She grabbed me by my clothes and asked if I was having a sexual relation with her husband. She then said she didn’t deal with prostitutes,” Muyombo said.
And in her statement, Mwale denied grabbing Muyombo by her clothes.
She told the court she had been hearing that Muyombo was having an affair with her husband but she had no proof.
She said one day she found a picture of Muyombo on her husband’s phone.
“Muyombo was wearing a chitenge up to her armpits. So when I saw her at the hairdresser which is opposite mine, I took her by the hand into my house to ask her what was going on between her and my husband.
Muyombo is like a younger sister to me because she comes to my home, eats from there and is also a good friend of my sister,” Mwale said.