Lusaka Hubby Draws TIMETABLE For Having Sex With His Wife

A LUSAKA man has given his wife a timetable as guide for having sex with her.
It has to be once in a month because he is usually too tired after work.
This is a case where Veronica Muyenga, 27, sued her husband Elias Mwangala ,42, for reconciliation over his continued promiscuous lifestyle and denying her sex for several months.
Muyenga told the court that her husband denied her sex each time she asked for it and that his private parts were being shaved by other women.
She said she was shocked that her husband gave her a time-table as a guide to have sex with her once in a month effective this monthend.
Muyenga said her husband wore tight trousers and could not allow her to touch him resulting into her being starved for more than six months.
“My husband is never home, he sleeps out and when I ask, he accuses me of so many things which has resulted into him denying me sex for a long period now, I was shocked when he handed me a timetable indicating that he will be having sex with me once a month,” she said.
She said the couple had three children who were all above 10 years and were not going to school because their father was not paying their school fees.
Muyenga said the couple had never been happy in their marriage from the time they got married in 2007 and that they had on countless occasions called both relatives to help resolve their marital problems but to no avail.
Mwangala attributed his behaviour to his wife’s lack of respect and that she was always insulting him in front of his friends.
“My wife is violent and embarrasses me to almost everyone that am a promiscuous man, for that reason I am not interested in this marriage reconciliation because I know for the fact that she will never change,” Mwangala said.
In passing verdict, the Court refused to reconcile the duo on grounds that marriage could not be forced and advised Muyenge to sue for divorce.