Girl 14 Forced To Sleep With 110 Men In One Day

A British woman has revealed that she worked as a slave and prostitute for six years in Greece after going on holiday to the country with her mother as a teen.

Megan Stephens (not her actual name), 25, went on a getaway with her mum when she was just 14 years old.

While staying in the resort, the teen fell for an Albanian man called Jak, and thought he felt the same. But he was actually grooming her to sell to a sex trafficker.

After her mother let Megan stay on in Athens with Jak while she flew back home, Jak sold her to a trafficker called Leon and Megan was ordered to work in brothels and on the streets.

She recalls how she was once forced to have sleep with 110 men in 22 hours.

Megan escaped in 2009 when she was hospitalised and sectioned after a suicide attempt.

She’s now settled in the UK with her partner and a baby on the way.