PF Is Here To Correct The Mistakes Created By UNIP And MMD -Davies Chama

chamaPatriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama has charged that the ruling party cannot fall into the same trap like the previous regimes who failed to satisfy the majority Zambians.

Mr Chama said today that UNIP and MMD failed to deliver the much needed people’s expectations adding that the PF Government was working around the clock to correct the mistakes left by the two regimes.

He said the PF Government was working towards the construction and reconstruction of the roads, hospitals and schools as part of satisfying the majority Zambians.

“Universities and hospitals are being constructed and opened by the Patriotic Front Government. So our role is to try correcting the mistakes created by UNIP and MMD governments,” he said.

He said UNIP was in power for 27 years with MMD governing the country for 20 years which he both created different mistakes.

Mr Chama the ruling party was careful with some of its decisions it was currently making in ensuring that people were satisfied with its policies.

He said the operationalisation of the Chipata-Mchinji railway line was one of the biggest milestones which the PF had scored in Eastern Province.

He said soon, the railway line would be extended to link the Tanzania –Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA).

Lusaka Times