Macky 2, Dandy Crazy Won’t Help Lungu Win 2016 -FDD

Edgar Marky 2 DandyPresident Edgar Lungu and his PF should hire American rapper Jay-Z if they want but the fact still stands that they will be voted out in 2016, says FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.
On Sunday, President Lungu held a private meeting with local musicians such as Dandy Crazy and Macky 2 at State House. But Mwanza said in the 2016 elections, people will vote based on competence and capability to deliver the expectations of Zambians and not anything else. “We are not taking away anything good from the wonderful musicians we have but if the President thinks he can win by persuading musicians or making them campaign for him, then he is very much mistaken.
People will look at the performance of the economy and social development. Look at the current situation in our country! The price of fuel is high; even the cost of charcoal is very high. There is the problem of load-shedding, universities are facing serious problems. Almost everything is collapsing,” Mwanza said. He said winning the 2016 elections would not be based on massive campaigns or money but the passion and dedication to serve Zambians with integrity. Mwanza further appealed to Zambians to weigh what the current government had done against what other political parties were offering.
“On the basis of the records and performance, PF should be voted in or out. When they came into government, the dollar stood at K4.50, today it is at K8.65. This means the cost of all essential commodities have gone up over the last four years. This is the basis on which people will vote,” he said. Mwanza further said the recent closure and reopening of the Copperbelt University should make students ask themselves if this is the kind of government they wanted. He said the closure was not only costly to the parents who did not have enough money but also to the nation. Mwanza further urged the youths to seriously take the 2016 general elections because the future of Zambia was in their hands.
“The only way to bring change is to ensure that you vote for people who can add value to your lives and not for people who will buy you Chibuku beer or because of a musician hired to perform at a rally. You should realise that the vote that you have is your opinion.
And if you make a bad decision, you would have to live with it for the next five years,” said Mwanza.