16 Year Old In Kitwe Court OVER Pregnancy

A KITWE mother has sued a 16-old-boy, demanding damages for impregnating her daughter.
This is in a case in which Mary Mulombi, a mother whose school-going daughter has been impregnated by her teen boyfriend, is demanding K5,000.
Ms Mulombi said she decided to take the matter to court because the juvenile and his family were casual about the matter.
She narrated to the court that after she recently discovered that her daughter was pregnant and pointed at the boy in question as being responsible for the condition, the two families sat down together.
Ms Mulombi said the boy’s family agreed to pay the K5,000 they were charged but surprisingly, on July 6, which was the agreed date of payment, the boy’s family decided to dishonour the promise.
“When my family followed up the matter, the boy’s mother said she had no money. I decided to bring the matter to bring this matter to an end,” Ms Mulombi said.
But the boy told the court that he could only pay the money after he completes school because he is just a schoolboy.
The boy’s response prompted Magistrate Alex Chibwe to reprimand him over indulging in sex when he could not face up to such problems.
Mr Chibwe also advised parents of female children to teach their children to learn to abstain from sex.
“Look at this boy, he does not even have the capacity to look after your daughter. As parents, you also have a role to play. It is not just the boy who made a mistake, your daughter is also to blame for undressing for him,” Magistrate Chibwe said.
He added that since both parties had already agreed on K5,000 as the amount the boy’s family should pay for the pregnancy, the court would not change anything.
Magistrate Chibwe ordered that Ms Mulombi be paid K5,000.