TB JoshIn the ongoing ‘Synagogue saga’ revolving around the divisive verdict given by Lagos State Magistate Oyetade Komolafe in which he ruled structural defaults were behind the tragic collapse of a SCOAN building last year, another video has been released claiming to prove otherwise.


Tawia, a self-proclaimed ‘structural engineer’ from Ghana and clearly a fan of the controversial cleric, posted a YouTube clip vehemently disagreeing with the outcome of the probe, insisting that it ‘defies logic itself’.


He initially draws attention to the collapse of a building in Siberia, Russia this week which led to the deaths of 23 soldiers, an incident which occurred because of structural defaults.


He noted that a building which fell due to structural failures would bear a hallmark of ‘leaving some parts intact or still standing’, as was the case of the Russian disaster.


Replaying the infamous clip of the guesthouse within The SCOAN collapsing in a manner of seconds, the engineer points out the huge emission of dust which he terms ‘a reaction of the chemicals meeting the concrete’.


“Everything within the building turned to dust,” he stated, showing other short clips of ‘controlled demolitions’ which fell in a similarly symmetrical fashion, also accompanied by a huge billowing of dust.


“I hold a strong-willed opinion that this is not a case of PROSECUTION by the Lagos State Government but rather PERSECUTION against Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Church worldwide,” Tawia wrote, adding that it was ludicrous the coroner’s verdict did not even have any reference to the CCTV footage of the incident.


“We will not allow truth to be swept under the carpet by the Lagos State judicial system,” he concluded, submitting that video evidence unequivocally pointed to ‘sabotage’.

Various reactions have trailed in the wake of the ruling, some applauding the judge for proving no one is above the law and others accusing the Lagos judicial system of being ‘biased’ and orchestrating a pre-planned ‘script’ to paint Joshua’s name black.

Ihechukwu Njoku, a freelance journalist, wrote from NigeriaTB Josh

3 Responses to "TB Joshua Verdict ‘Is Not PROSECUTION But PERSECUTION’"

  1. Hildah Malama   July 15, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    May the souls of the departed brothers and sisters rest in peace.

  2. mphandearon   July 22, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    God’s chosen pple never fear nor employee somebody to speak thru,eg Peter In Prison,Paul had No Rawyer at king Agrepar but God. Acts26ves1If God Is his witness that he has nevr done wrong h’ll wn the case,bt if it was adelberate move of blood to prosper.??

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